Gingerbread House Party

Gingerbread House Party

Its that time of year again--- Our ANNUAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE PARTY! Join us on Friday December 17th from 6-830pm for a fun filled Christmas experience. Bring your kiddos, your significant other, your bestie, your co worker .... you get the point, bring anyone! ... and share in some Christmas joy!


What's included?

  • A constructed mini gingerbread house ready to decorate
  • All your decorating goods (candy, icing, sprinkles etc)
  • A plastic tray to construct your house on
  • A bag to bring your decroated house home in
  • A choice of (1) latte or hot chocolate per ticket purchased (excluding chai, matcha + golden milk)
  • 2 Vegan Haute Doughnut Christmas Cookies
  • A memorable Christmas experience



**Spots are limited. 1 night only!**


2 people can share a ticket and share everything that is included in the ticket, as listed above.

  • This ticket is non refundable. If you can't make the event in person, you can still pick up all the the items to decroate your gingerbread house at home, including the free drink + 2 haute doughnut cookies!


    Free drinks must be ordered during the event. They cannot be saved to use a different day.