Human Trafficking Campaign Tee Shirt

Human Trafficking Campaign Tee Shirt

Join the fight to end human trafficking. 100% of the proceeds from this tee go to The Children's Rescue Initiative and our local safe house for human traficking victims, icare


Children's Rescue Initiative Mission:

The injustice we're fighting is bigger than us...and it's growing.

Today, in the ever-growing industry of human trafficking, an estimated 40.3 million humans are exploited in the form of stolen freedom.

These individuals are forced into unimaginable labor and sexual exploitation. We can, and must, do more. Childrens Rescue Initiative is committed to ending the cycle of slavery by pursuing the cycle of freedom.


Slavery is more stoppable than ever as we rally around the world and work together. Prevention through awareness and education is vital, and until the cycle is broken, Childrens Rescue Initiative will continue to actively rescue victims from bondage and support them on the road to freedom.


iCare Mission:

iCare serves women and children who are victimized by sexual exploitation as well as those who are at risk of being victimized. We serve through a three-pronged approach of prevention, intervention and restoration.




  • This tee is non refundable