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The Founders

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Ali + Heather

Have you wondered about the creators of Rooted Coffeehouse?


Rooted Coffeehouse was created during a season of change and vulnerability. We, a mom + daughter duo, were both born + raised in central IL. We made the move to GA with the whole family in 2016. Heather is a wife of 33 years, mom of 6 (4 biological girls + 2 boys adopted from Ethiopia), + has been a stay at home mom for most of her life. Ali is a wife of 7 years, mom to 3 girls + is a NICU nurse. We have zero experience in business ownership + lack a degree in business or marketing, but we don’t lack drive, passion, or vision. We decided to open Rooted after putting down new roots in GA + longing for the community and relationships we had back in IL—which often happened in locally owned coffee shops. The move from IL uprooted our entire life, + challenged us to put down new, deep roots in an unfamiliar community. This experience inspired our name + mission—Rooted Coffeehouse. We are 2 women passionate about creating a space people can come + feel comfortable + at home. We want people to leave feeling valued, seen, + connected. We want to create a safe haven, but also a space that serves food + drinks we crave!

our love for people + community runs deep.

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